Accupac Packing Inc.

Medical Applications

Acupac specializes in the production of single use products for medical applications. From the doctor’s office to trauma and field kits, we have the capability to provide a wide range of manufacturing and packaging options that will meet the most stringent specifications.

We can be your U.S. based DESI drug packager for topical applications. We produce dermatology products for Rx and OTC, wound clotting dressings and dissolvable film delivery systems in cassettes and pouches. We also produce alcohol and non-alcohol based antibacterial wipes and cleansers for medical applications.

Our certifications in the medical field include:

  • ISO 13485:2003 FDA cGMP & QSR Compliant
  • Registered FDA and NJ for drugs, medical devices
    (Class I, II), Food/Nutritional Supplements
  • Japanese Ministry of Health Certified since 2010: “Foreign Manufacturer of Medical Devices”