Accupac Packing Inc.

Personal Care and OTC

Acupac formulates, produces and packages a wide variety of films, gels, lotions, liquids and powders for personal care and OTC applications. Our expertise in multiple delivery systems allows flexibility in your choice of application among coated non-wovens, packettes, films and sponges. These formats can be combined in tandem or multi-component packettes to provide two-step or regimen treatment schemes.

Our personal care library of treatment formulations is extensive.  Alternatively we can transfer manufacturing or simply package your formulations with our internal technical transfer team.

Some of our achievements are listed below:

  • First producer of OTC dissolvable films
  • Fully-patented thin film manufacturing process
  • Dedicated oral care and personal care blending on site

Our certifications in the personal care and OTC fields include:

  • ISO 13485:2003 FDA cGMP & QSR compliant
  • Registered FDA and NJ for drugs, medical devices
    (Class I, II), food/nutritional supplements